Stay a while and listen: Diablo might be getting its own Netflix show


Blizzard’s games, whether it’s (World of) Warcraft, Starcraft, or Diablo, have always featured the sort of animated cut-scenes that have made players wonder “What if they actually made a full movie out of this?” We’ve already seen the results with Warcraft but Diablo might be next in line, for a series adaptation this time.

That’s the word according to a now-deleted tweet by Andrew Cosby, the writer for Hellboy, who said last week:

I guess I can confirm I am indeed in final talks to write and show-run the new DIABLO animated series for Activision and Netflix. It’s very exciting and I hope to the High Heavens it all works out.”

Which isn’t ‘final’ confirmation by any means, though the fact that the tweet is now gone (it was picked up by website Bloody Disgusting before it was vanished into the digital ether) does make it seem as though Cosby spilled the beans a little while before he was supposed to.

Several outlets are reporting that Cosby has spoken in the past about what he’d do with Diablo if he were to write a series – an R-rated (or the Netflix equivalent, anyway) show is likely in the offing based on his previous comments. That… totally works for us.

Netflix, predictably, has yet to comment on these rumours and Blizzard are staying mum as well but there is speculation that we’ll see an announcement at Blizzard’s annual festival, Blizzcon. There is just about a month left to wait for that — Blizzcon 2018 takes place from 25 October this year.

Source: Bloody Disgusting via The Next Web


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