Apple acquires Shazam and promises an ad-free app from now on


Shazam is probably one of the more innovative apps available. Pretty much every person who has listened to music in a public space has thought “I wonder what this song is called?” at some stage and Shazam neatly stepped in to provide solutions to those musings. Obviously Apple feels the same way, because it has officially completed its acquisition of Shazam.

The company confirmed it was buying Shazam for a reported $400 million in December 2017. Of course, it was held up because of an investigation by the European Union, but regulators gave it the thumbs up earlier this month.

In light of this glorious occasion, Apple has announced that it will be removing all ads from the app ‘soon’. And yes, that includes the Android version, which isn’t going anywhere. Even if Apple has control over it now. 

The music identification app has been downloaded over 1 billion times and is used over 20 million times every day, according to Apple’s press release.

Apple has built a relationship with the Shazam app since its early days in the App Store, but we can only speculate about what they plan to accomplish with this acquisition. Perhaps Siri is about to learn an all-new skill…?

Source: Apple Blog


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