Samsung rumour roundup: Four camera sensors likely on the way


Samsung appears to be joining the more-than-two-rear-cameras-on-a-smartphone game. Rumours suggest that upcoming Samsung devices, that, it turns out, aren’t part of the flagship range, might feature three and four rear camera sensors, respectively.

A Dutch site called posted a purportedly leaked image of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone, and it definitely has a triple rear camera. They also posted a series of convincing renders, that show the phone in black and blue from every angle.

Triple the fun

Aside from the three-lens vertical camera module, the latest A7 phone is expected to be specced similarly to the Galaxy A8 Plus, so it should feature an Exynos 7885 chip, up to 6GB RAM, and 64GB storage. From the leaks we can also see that the front is simple and features a notchless screen, and will come in two colours. There’s a fingerprint sensor around the back, right where you’d expect it to be: in the middle near the top. What we don’t expect is the cameras down the side instead of in the middle of the back cover, as is usually Samsung’s way.

Samsung’s launch event, scheduled for 11 October, is themed ‘4X Fun’ which makes sense when you include the front camera sensor, and it adds up to four camera sensors for the A7. Or… perhaps the A7 won’t be the only new device unveiled at the event. Rumours suggest that we’ll see a quad-rear-camera Galaxy A9 Star Pro smartphone too.

Quadruple the fun?

A Twitter profile called SamsungMobile.News, tweeted some info about the alleged A9 Star Pro and claims to have an image, but multiple renders have surfaced since and the camera sensors look… oddly located.

The device will allegedly have four cameras, and will be available in black, a blue gradient and a pink gradient. The fingerprint sensor will be placed in the middle while the four cameras will be set on the left side, which is an add placement — this render looks more Samsung-ey. 

Anyway, Samsung probably won’t host an entire event just to launch one mid-range phone. Some (or all) of this might just fantasy, or it may be entirely real, but we’ll know for sure on 11 October.

Source: Android Authority


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