WhatsApp could be getting Dark Mode, swipe-to-reply features for Android


WhatsApp has had itself a fairly busy year. When its user numbers aren’t climbing to Facebook-like levels it has been getting new features, like groups with an administrator and a whole lot less reply-spam to group video calling, like we’re in some 1990s tech future. And we could be in for a new more changes soon.

The folks over at XDA Developers have spotted a few features that may be making their way to the Android version of the popular chat app. A new Dark Mode, which is exactly what it sounds like, is thought to be on the way, as is an Android swipe-to-reply function which should make getting those urgent replies off even faster.

On the dark mode front, specialist website wabetainfo.com has said, based on references found in recent app updates, that the messaging app is working on a Dark Mode. Just what it will look like isn’t known but it will hopefully be optimised for all those lovely OLED-screened phones everyone seems to be releasing of late. It would be neat to check a message in the dark and not go immediately blind for ten minutes.

The swipe-to-reply function isn’t new, having already been released for iOS devices (for a not-inconsiderable length of time), but its existence on Android would be a new deal. Swipe-to-reply would, when released for Android in a future update, replace the long-press needed to reply to and quote a specific message in a chat. Just a quick swipe to the side should save you all of… a second but every second counts, right? A timeline for the rollout of this one to Android also hasn’t been specified but it’s expected to take place “very soon”.

Source: via XDA Developers


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