Light Start – Razer Phone 2, OnePlus TV, Fortnite divorce, and Captive State


Razer will be unveiling its second smartphone on 10 October

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that gaming peripheral maker Razer has released its first smartphone — called the Razer Phone, aptly enough. And now there’s a second one on the way, with an announcement expected to take place on 10 October this year. Details of the apparent device are sketchy but a Snapdragon 845 and a huge 8GB of RAM, a large display, and 512GB of storage are all suspected (and expected). All of which could make the Razer Phone 2 the phone that you want to play Fortnite on, we guess? We’ll be watching this one with interest — it’s bound to be something a little different, with just a hint of purest green.

Source: Android Police

Smartphone maker OnePlus is working on a brand new… smart TV?

Okay, this is an unexpected surprise: OnePlus, the Chinese smartphone maker that creates surprisingly good phones at surprisingly low prices, is in the process of developing a brand new device — a smart TV. And that’s not a rumour, that’s straight from the company itself. According to OnePlus CEO Pete Lau, “We want to bring the home environment to the next level of intelligent connectivity. To do this, we are building a new product of OnePlus’ premium flagship design, image quality and audio experience to more seamlessly connect the home. We call it: OnePlus TV.” That… sounds pretty conclusive to us (unless this is actually a er… homage to the Apple TV). We’re keeping our eyes peeled for this one, but we’re not expecting it to be available in SA at launch.

Source: One Plus

So apparently Fortnite has been the cause of several divorces

And now for a statistic that we can totally believe: Fortnite has been cited as being responsible for more than 200 divorces in 2018. In the UK alone, meaning that the number of Fortnite-related relationship casualties are probably far, far higher. Granted, this information comes by way of online divorce service Divorce Online so you might be forgiven for being a little skeptical… but, like we said, we can totally believe it. Fortnite has rocketed from a build-your-own-base-and-survive title of little serious consequence to one of gaming’s powerhouses in very short order and you don’t do that without inspiring at least a few players to the point of obsession. Remember folks, everything in moderation. Unless you’re, like, four kills away from a win. Then dinner can wait, Karen! (Note: this is how divorces get started)

Source: via AV News

Captive State is a film about state capture. Technically. In a science fiction kinda way

No, Captive State isn’t a film about the recent goings on here in South Africa, it’s a slight twist on the dystopia science fiction genre — one which will be familiar to folks who play video games. Less Independence Day and more Half Life 2 or XCOM, Captive State is trying something a little different in motion picture form. The world has changed, considerably, and it’s all because of a recent change in leadership — which seems to have brought with it unprecedented peace and prosperity. Also some kind of head scanner and… shock collars? The film launches in March 2019. Catch the whole trailer at the link below.

Source: Focus Features (YouTube)


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