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October 2018 is here (if you’re measuring life in magazine time), which means that we’ve got a brand new issue of Stuff Magazine on shelves everywhere. On that note, if you happen to not see Stuff at your favourite store, be sure to let us know please. We will want to have words with someone about that. If, as is more likely the case, you do find it on your nearest shelf then you’ve got a whole lot to look forward to this month. 

Like the 100 most desirable objects we could think of — whether it’s a high-end LP player, an Apple-made all-in-one PC (that’s the iMac Pro to you), a trust-fund-wrecking Leica snapper or a cunningly created cycle (with a teeny motor in it), along with devices that cover every aspect of your life, from driving to the kitchen to the streets, we’ve got something in here that will tempt just about everyone. Whether your wallet is going to be quite as tempted, we couldn’t say. Fire up a new wishlist or get ready to lengthen an old one — you’re going to want a few pieces of this lot.

Or perhaps you’re not into mass desire. Maybe you like your must-have tech to be of the more personal sort. In that case you’re going to love our take on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 — we’ve gone over the device with a fine-toothed comb and the only thing missing is a really long-term test. But that’s just because the Galaxy Note 9 hasn’t been out for long enough for us to pull that one off. But we’ve done everything else we can do to the phone, short of setting it on fire in a glass of milk while tossing it out of an airplane and into an active volcano — but the month’s not over yet, so who knows? In the meantime, pick up the October 2018 issue of Stuff for a look at all of the sane Note 9 testing we’ve done so far.

Sneakers? Did someone say sneakers? We just did, twice, but someone else must have said it first. No? Just us? Never mind, Stuff has spent a lot of time running down some of the best adornments for your lower appendages. From urban essentials like Vans and Converse to functional footwear from the likes of Nike and Adidas, we’ve got what you’re looking for — whether you’re planning on stepping out, going for a run or just want something to cover your ankles. Of special note are the Adidas AlphaEdge 4D pair, each of which features a 3D printed sole. Hey, if you’re going to geek out on shoes, might as well go all the way.

But wait, there’s more? Yeah, there’s always more. We’ve got drones that weren’t made by DJI, a phone that was kinda made by Land Rover, new Nikons, a robot assistant, games, gadgets, and giveaways, as well as a whole lot more. You’ll only find this variety in one place — the October 2018 issue of Stuff Magazine. Go and get your copy today, or tomorrow, if you can’t make it today. We understand, 21st century living is demanding. 


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