Time for a little Pi with our RS Components Raspberry Pi giveaway


Pi. The magic number. The explainer of circles. The most popular teeny tiny hobbyist computer system in existence, if it’s Raspberry-flavoured. The stuff of dreams, if your dream happens to be a very small home theatre PC or, if you have some programming talent and engineering skill, a very small orbital satellite.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could make someone’s dreams come true? Stuff, along with RS Components, is giving away a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Premium Kit (worth just over R1,050) to one lucky winner and, as usual, all we’re asking you to do is fill in an entry form. The kit consists of the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ board, the power supply and HDMI cables, a case, and a microSD card with a NOOBS (New Out Of Box Software) operating system on it. Keen?

Click through to the Terms and Conditions for the bits where we lay out all our strange requirements (the organ harvesting will be done relatively painlessly) and then you’re set to pop on down to the entry form and get your entry in. Or, you know, don’t, but entering means that you agree to be bound by the Ts&Cs, unless you work for Stuff Magazine. If you work for Stuff, you can’t have any Pi.

If you want a more detailed look at the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Premium Kit that we’re giving away, pop on over to RS Components’ website.

And then get on down to the form and get your entry in. You’ll notice that, for a change, there are no wrong answers (though we suspect someone’s gonna try us) but we also won’t be swayed by massive creativity. Perhaps. Maybe. Check back on 28 September to see if you’re a winner.


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