Apple leaks upcoming iPhone names on their own website


Of course there has to be a leak on the day of Apple’s iPhone reveal. This time we’ve found out exactly what the three new iPhone handsets will be called — and we were not that far off in our earlier speculation.

The leak seems to have confirmed that iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR will be the names for the three new smartphones expected to be announced tonight. Website ATH spotted the names in a sitemap XML file on Apple’s website, that are linked to phone cases and Apple Care products. You really can’t hide anything these days…

This newest leak puts the names ‘iPhone XS Plus’ and ‘iPhone XC’ out of the running for reveal candidates. The budget device (that we initially expected to be called the ‘XC’) will now far more likely be called the iPhone XR’. Why? We have no idea yet — but while we watch the livestream on Twitter, where Apple better have a good explanation for their choices, we should get confirmation of this concealed-in-code leak at the very least. 

Leaks aren’t unusual at this stage before a big launch event, but Apple usually has a tighter lid on their information. We’re expecting at least one more major leak (or “leak”) just prior to the event, as the major Apple-centric websites in the States get their hands on every bit of Apple’s info “early”. Stay tuned for this evening’s big show — here’s how you can watch it all live

Source: ATH


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