Leaked iPhone XC dummies give us a colourful glimpse of the Apple event


We’ve caught most of the Apple rumours leading up to their event this week, including the iPhone excess (XS) and the updated iPad Pro, but what we really want to know more about is the ‘budget’ iPhone X that is supposed to feature a 6.1in LCD display.

This affordable addition to the iPhone X lineup is reported to be called the iPhone XC, possibly a play on the similarly ‘low-cost’ iPhone 5C from 2013. A leaker has posted photos of what are claimed to be prototypes of the device, and while it’s evident these are not production model phones, they indicate that we may be in for something unusual.

The iPhone 5C famously launched in a range of pastel-like colours, and this recent visual leak suggests that the XC will also launch in a few shades other than the typical iPhone hues.

Design-wise, the XC looks familiar — the glass back and single rear camera confirms previous rumours for the device. The leaked image includes a white, space grey (here appearing slightly blue — okay, perhaps it’s a blue edition), and red. If accurate, that suggests Apple might release a Product RED iPhone XC straight away instead of waiting like they’ve done with previous Product RED models. Assuming the images seen here are accurate, obvs. 

Although the pictures do line up with credible rumours of the 6.1-inch iPhone launching in multiple colours, we won’t get too excited as this specific leak might be fake. Alt least we’ll know for sure in a matter of days at Apple’s event, set for 12 September. Stuff will, as usual, be there with bells on. 

Source: 9to5Mac


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