Apple’s new 6.5in iPhone apparently named the iPhone Xs Max


We’ve been privy to some unusually-detailed Apple leaks for 2018, from a very good look at the company’s newest smartphones (and a glance at the Apple Watch 4) to an early view of a new iPad Pro. And now we might have a name for Apple’s expected 6.5in iPhone — though it’s a bit of a weird one: the iPhone Xs Max.

Last week we found out that the new iPhones would be branded under the iPhone XS (or Xs) label but Apple doesn’t ever use the same titles for different sized devices. Traditionally larger phones carry the Plus moniker but several sources familiar with Apple’s marketing plans, speaking to 9to5Mac, have said that this year Apple’s considering going with iPhone Xs Max for their bigger smartphone. Which strikes us as… strange for a company that usually goes for the simplest name possible. It’s also possible that the ‘Max’ title is just something that was being kicked around the office and won’t be used for the final product.

There are other upgrades expected for the new iPhones. A new processor is a given, since Apple is fond of upgrading there, and a new A12 chip is expected. Apple’s also supposedly going to be upgrading iPhone RAM from 3GB to 4GB and then there’s the possibility of a dual-SIM iPhone being launched (most likely for China). But we can’t get over the name Apple’s supposedly chosen for their 6.5in handset.

While 9to5Mac‘s spoken to several sources on this one, we’ll remain sceptical of the name until we hear it come out of Tim Cook’s mouth. It just doesn’t sound like Apple to use a naming convention that seems like it could also be applied to a can of Monster. We’ll know everything next week at the company’s annual iPhone conference. As usual, we’ll be following every word very closely.

Source: 9to5Mac


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