Unleash your creative freedom – ditch your smartphone


It’s the digital age. Most of us have become online content producers. Social media, vlogs and blogs are our outlets for telling our stories. The food we eat, the places we go, the people we meet, and life unfolding are our subject matter.

Whether you’re a photo-taking enthusiast who lives to share life as it happens or on the edge of going pro, you might be finding that your smartphone is just not enough to satisfy your quest for creative fulfilment. You want picture quality, you want good editing tools, you want greater functionality.

Enter the Canon EOS M range of cameras. They feature all the best technologies and functions of Canon’s DSLRs. Yet, they are mirrorless so they are compact and flexible. They can be carried anywhere to shoot things that are inaccessible for classic DSLRs. Also, instead of looking through the lens to compose an image via a viewfinder, you can preview your shot from a screen on the back – much like a smartphone. You can upload your shots to social media in seconds – just like a smartphone.

Yet, they deliver superb quality photos and movies that are packed with detail, colour and atmosphere. There are four in the current mirrorless range starting with the EOS M100 which is the ideal step up from a smartphone; the EOS M5 which is the perfect compact companion for high-end photographers; the all-purpose EOS M6 which is designed to encourage creative expression; and the EOS M50, which is the latest addition to the EOS M series and Canon’s most intuitive and technologically advanced mirrorless camera yet.

Find more information about Canon’s mirrorless ranges here.


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