This is everything you need to know about the LG V40 (except the price)


If you were wondering whether the LG V40 was going to be worth waiting for, you’ve now got enough information to make your choice — on paper, anyway. The specs for the V40 have leaked. All of the specs, which go nicely with the renders that were recently created from CAD files that also leaked.

What we now know from the LG V40 specs leak is that LG is going to be taking on the Galaxy Note 9 — size-wise, at least. The V40 is going to include a 6.4in qHD+ pOLED (plastic OLED) screen, a Snapdragon 845 processor (and we’re glad to see that one there rather than the 835), and 6GB of RAM. Storage will include the option to pick between 64GB and 128GB and there’s going to be a 3,000mAh battery running the show.

LG’s sound is going to be sticking around — the quad DAC and Boombox speakers we’ve seen from their last couple of high-enders will be present here, as is the 3.5mm headphone jack. Nice.

The camera is where we’ll see something perhaps a little different. There will be three rear camera sensors: a 12MP f/1.5 lens, a 16MP f/1.9 wide-angle lens, and another 12MP lens — this one a f/2.4 effort providing the V40 2x optical zoom. It’s going to be very interesting to see where this puts LG’s phones in the camera rankings — right now it’s Huawei (with the P20 Pro), Samsung (with the S9+/Note 9) and then everyone else. There are also dual front-facers which don’t have quite as much detail revealed — an 8MP and 5MP sensor is what we’ve got, which combined should do the wide-angle selfie thing that LG’s so fond of lately.

LG’s new handset will be launching with an IP68 rating, so good luck trying to drown it. You’ll get your chance to try fairly soon, too. Reports claim that we’re looking at an October 2018 announcement for the LG V40, which puts it up against expected announcements of the Mate 20, as well as devices from Google and OnePlus that we probably won’t see here. This also gives us some idea of what we’ll be seeing in the LG G8 next year — that triple camera is almost certainly making the jump.

Source: Android Authority Image: via Slashleaks


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