MTN launches their fibre service called Süpersonic


If your neighbourhood has been blessed by the fibre gods, chances are you’ve got a fibre connection or are thinking about getting one. And while the selection of ISPs is growing by the day, you might be more interested in a network you already know, which is why MTN launched their own fibre service, Süpersonic (yip, with an umlaut, nope, we don’t know why, either).

Süpersonic is MTN’s play for a stake in the growing FTTH (fibre-to-the-home) market. Their packages will come with full installation, device setup, and onsite support. And if you’re not into signing your life away to massive conglomerates, don’t stress — there will be no contracts, with all packages available on a month-to-month basis.

Don’t have fibre in your area yet? MTN’s got you covered with their fixed-line LTE solution that should keep you connected until fibre rolls out in your area, at which point you can cancel the LTE and move to the FFF (flipping-fast fibre).

To get you started, MTN has created a simple web-based five-step sign-up form, after which someone will call you to talk you through the different packages offered. Some may find the fibre internet space confusing, and MTN wants customers to understand what they’re signing up for.

“Life is complex, but fibre shouldn’t be. The lack of good service has been one of the main bugbears with FTTH generally and we intend plugging that gap. On top of that, our major competitive advantage is we harness the stable, reliable and powerful MTN network. While speed is ubiquitous in the fibre space the true differentiator comes with service and the stability and reliability of the network,” says Süpersonic CEO, Calvin Collett.

As an MTN fibre client, you’ll have access to an app that has a fully customisable dashboard on which you’ll be able to track data usage and faults, including where your technician is and when they will arrive (kinda like Uber for internet emergencies). That will take a lot of stress out of watching the driveway or front entrance, wondering if your technician has been swallowed by a roaming black hole, or staying home from work to let someone in who never arrives.

All the fibre options from Süpersonic are uncapped, and pricing starts from R599/month for 4Mbit/s and ramps up to R1,249/month for 100Mbit/s.


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