Light Start – P20 Pro options, GoPro leak, one small step for a man, and Battlefield V delayed


Huawei’s P20 Pro is getting a few new colour options, plus leather backs (for China)

Huawei’s P20 Pro is a very, very nice phone. And it’s about to get even nicer, if you’re after something that looks a little different from the ‘stock’ P20 Pro. Huawei has announced new colour options for the handset, which should make fashion fans happier at the very least. Headed to market are Morpho Aurora and Mother of Pearl colour options, which are a colour-changing dark gradient and a white-coloured phone respectively. And then there are the leather-backed options announced at IFA last week, which will see the P20 Pro backed by either tan or black calfskin. The leather P20 Pro phones are also getting a specs boost, from 6GB to 8GB RAM and 128GB to 256GB of storage (which also means a price increase). Trouble is, if you want one of those handsets you’re going to have to a) travel to or b) order from China. Awww…

Source: The Verge

GoPro’s Hero 7 range outed by in-store display

Usually when a product leaks it’s because someone did something silly: published a web-page too soon, left some files lying around, emailed specs to the wrong outside party, spoke to a reporter without paying attention… you know how it is. GoPro has had a moment of their very own, as their GoPro Hero 7 range has been leaked by an in-store display that basically gives most of the game away. An official announcement is still some way off but the Hero 7 is going back to the White, Silver, and Black editions for this year. At least some of the cameras will be waterproof up to 10 metres and some will be ditching the front screen. Looks like a return to old habits by the company. We’ll let you know more once an official announcement is made.

Source: via Reddit

Catch the First Man trailer, for a look back at Neil Armstrong’s historic trip to the moon

Our motto is: Live your life in a way that will result in Ryan Gosling playing you in a movie one day. Which is an awfully specific motto, and one that astronaut Neil Armstrong must have lived by as well. Considering that Armstrong is being portrayed by internationally-recognised attractive person Gosling, we reckon Neil’s won. Which isn’t hard to believe, since Mr. Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon. But it wasn’t easy getting there, something that First Man explores — training and testing were just half of the journey, though. There was more than a little friction at home. How do you prepare a family for the possibility that you won’t be coming home from space? That might be a bigger problem before upcoming spacefarers as interplanetary travel begins but Neil Armstrong had to do it back in the 1960s… back when spaceships were controlled by computers less powerful that your smartphone. Catch the trailer for First Man at the link below.

Source: Universal Pictures (YouTube)

Battlefield V’s release date pushed back to 20 November — because reasons

Battlefield V, the other shooter launching this year, has had its release date pushed back to 20 November this year. The official reason for this is so that developer DICE can ” …make some meaningful improvements to the core gameplay experience”. Absolutely not because Red Dead Redemption 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops IV are going to be launching in October, no sir. Actually, we believe DICE when they say they’ve got a little more polish to add to the game before it launches but if it also takes them out of the firing line for next month, all the better. We’ve seen more than a few great games go unnoticed because they were overshadowed by massive hype. EA says that changes are coming to “…the gameplay tempo, improving soldier visibility and reducing player friction,” as well as their Tides of Wars online service ahead of launch. At least there’s still an open beta for Battlefield V, which will kick off from 6 September, so you can still have your Battlefield fix before the twitch-shooter and the cowboy simulator drop in October.



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