Lego made a full-sized, drivable Lego Technic Bugatti Chiron


It just just a couple of years ago that we were impressed by this time-lapse of a Lego Porsche 911 GT3 build, a task that took far longer than the compressed 25 minutes. We’d absolutely love to see how long it took to build Lego’s life-sized Bugatti Chiron, which uses more than a million pieces of Lego Technic in its construction.

And if your first question is ‘Why?’ then you might as well leave now — you’re dead to us. The only acceptable question starting with ‘Why’ is ‘Why not?’ Lego built this working vehicle as part of their ad promotion for Technic’s #BuildforReal campaign and we have to admit to being pretty impressed. Even the headlights are functional (and made from Lego).

If you’ve skipped ahead and watched the video already then you’ll already know that the body build wasn’t really the impressive part of this thing, hard as that might be to believe. With enough Lego Technic and enough time, even the Stuff team could build the body. Eventually. Where Lego has gone above and beyond was making the engine out of Technic as well. Technic motors — 2,304 of them — are driving the car, though not nearly at the speeds of the original.

The 1,500kg (Lego) Chiron’s motor generates just 5.3hp and lets this mechanical marvel travel at a stately 20km/h — a far cry from the real deal’s 1,500hp/420km/h statistics. And yet it moves. Lego’s creation was piloted for the video by Bugatti test driver Andy Wallace on a test-track in Germany, while the design for the car’s build was thought up by Technic designers and engineers based in the Czech Republic.

As detailed and desirable as this build is, somehow we don’t think this one’s going to be available for pre-order any time soon. There is a 3,599-piece Bugatti Chiron you have a chance at actually finishing available from Lego, if you’re heart’s set on one. Just don’t expect to drive in it afterwards.

Source/Image: Lego via Ars Technica


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