Apple’s new big thing will be unveiled 12 September (and here’s the iPhone XS)


It’s the date announcement that we, and a substantial portion of the world, have been waiting for. Apple’s iPhone announcement event for 2018 has been dated — 12 September is the day that you’re going to have to book the evening off for so you can see what Apple has up their sleeves. Speaking of which, we’ve got an usual leak from the usually tight-lipped Apple — the iPhone XS.

The image you can see above comes by way of 9to5Mac, which has featured it with the prominent caption “Not a mockup”. What you’re looking at is Apple’s iPhone XS, a name that has also been confirmed. The name will be applied to both the 5.8in and 6.5in Apple devices, according to the leak, and the phone will apparently be available in a new gold colour variant. No other specs have been confirmed.

9to5Mac has had a bumper day, though, as they’ve also gotten their hands on what the new Apple Watch 4 will look like, though the Apple-centric website appears a teensy bit less certain about this one. The image conforms to all of the talk surrounding Apple’s newest wrist-wear, with Apple all but eliminating the bezels for this year. There’s a new hole visible by the Digital Crown that is suspected to be a new microphone, and there are slight design changes to the physical buttons as well.

Apple’s launch date announcement had quite an effect on the company’s stock, with The Guardian reporting a high of $228 for Apple’s shares yesterday. It seems that folks are excited by the prospect of Apple releasing three smartphones this year — and we know what two of them will look like now. Hopefully Apple still has a few surprises in store on 12 September. Stay tuned.

Source/Images: 9to5Mac


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