Get ready for The Grand Tour Game – launching ‘soon’ on PS4, Xbox One


If you’re a long-time Top Gear fan (during the Clarkson years), an obsessive Grand Tour watcher, and happen to be an avid gamer as well, then you might want to start taking notes right about now. The Grand Tour is getting its own video game called, aptly, The Grand Tour Game.

The Grand Tour Game, announced at this year’s Gamescom, is being made by Amazon Game Studios, a developer/publisher we’ve been aware of but haven’t seen anything from up to this point. It makes sense that the first serious bit of original work from the studio is a property exclusive to Amazon, though it seems that this one’s going to be the benchmark for quality for the developer. Because, appropriately, it’s right out front for Amazon.

The Grand Tour Game, based on the reveal trailer above, is going to feature the trio of motoring misfits in… well, in their usual roles. It seems that Clarkson, Hammond and May will be playable and that the game is going to be tied in to the third season of the TV show. According to Amazon,  when “…a new episode of the show arrives, you’ll get new vehicles and new tracks from that episode to play in the game.” Provided you splashed out for the season pass, that is.

If you’re keen on the authentic experience there will be four-player split screen, so you can mess with your friends and then mock them when their car no longer functions. There are set to be a series of power-ups in the game, like High Tea (traction-killing teacups) and More Horsepowers (go faster, fast) and probably some sort of vision-blurring items — all of which sounds a little more like a kart-racing game or Split/Second to us. Still, as long as it’s fun…

The Grand Tour Game is slated for release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a release date of “soon”. Based on the reveal trailer (above) it might be a little later than just ‘soon’ as the only gameplay footage is pre-alpha, which is what you get before you have a video game. There’s likely to be a lot of improvement between now and launch day but the prospect of setting off smoke bombs in Jeremy Clarkson’s face should tide us over until some proper gameplay is revealed.


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