Drop everything and download: Oddmar


Oddmar is a terrible viking. He’s selfish, lazy, and under threat of being kicked out of his tribe unless he partakes in some pretty large-scale woodland arson.

But after a fairy chucks him some magic mushrooms, Oddmar gains special powers, which he’ll need if he’s to save his people and claim a place in Valhalla…

Mobile platformers are too often lazily hacked together and wonky to control, but Oddmar is like a playable Saturday morning cartoon: highly polished, imaginative, and determined to keep surprising you with each new level.

There was a moment when we were blazing through the forest to escape a furious screen-filling troll and could scarcely believe we weren’t playing a fully-fledged console title. That really is a (Norse) godlike achievement.

Oddmar is available on iOS only, and will cost you R80 on the Apple Store.


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