Light Start – Samsung Mixed Reality, Valve streaming leak, Star Wars Resistance, and FC 5 Dead Living Zombies


Samsung’s got an updated Windows Mixed Reality headset on the way (and we haven’t even see the last one yet)

Samsung’s released a Windows Mixed Reality headset called the HMD Odyssey. The mixed reality hardware launched late last year but you can be forgiven for not knowing that — the HMD Odyssey hasn’t been officially seen in South Africa yet. If it had, we’ve have spend hours playing with it already. Hopefully Samsung gets a move on, though, as it seems that the device’s sequel is already on the way. An FCC filing in the States has revealed the specs for an updated device called the HMD Odyssey+ (because Samsung’s pretty predictable with their naming schemes). When it’ll land is uncertain but Samsung’s going to be improving the display a little, using an AMOLED+SFS panel — whatever that is. Hopefully it’ll include a better price point, since the $500 (R7,400) that the first headset launched at is a little hard on the wallet.

Source: via The Verge

Details of Valve’s very own Twitch-like streaming service leak

Digital distribution platform Steam’s parent company Valve has its finger in a lot of pies and they’re set to plunge another digit into another one. Possibly. A new streaming service, along the lines of Twitch, called leaked over the weekend, showing us what Valve has been working on of late. It looks like a fairly basic streaming service right now, with voice chat available to folks watching the stream, but with precious few other features so it’s not certain that it’s going to see wide release soon. It might be used, at least initially, to stream Valve’s own events to viewers. According to Valve “We are working on updating Steam Broadcasting for the Main Event of The International, Dota 2’s annual tournament. What people saw was a test feed that was inadvertently made public.”

Source: CNET

We’re not at all sure how we feel about this Star Wars Resistance animated series trailer

We never thought we’d say this but there might be such a thing as too… much… Star Wars…? But that’s just because the new trailer for Star Wars Resistance, a new animated series from Disney, is aimed at a different sort of viewer — a younger one than… well, us. The series follows along with rookie pilot Kazuda Xiono, who apparently is going to have a series of zany adventures while learning to be a member of the resistance’s set of pilots. It’s a little more light-hearted than we’d have expected from Star Wars but if Disney’s aiming at a younger audience, that makes sense. While we might be hesitant now, we suspect we’re going to wind up watching Star Wars Resistance anyway. Because Star Wars. Watch the trailer at the link below.

Source: via Disney (YouTube)

Far Cry 5‘s last expansion, Dead Living Zombies, drops at month-end

Far Cry 5 is the game that just keeps on giving. From Far Cry 3 Classic to the Vietnam and Mars expansions, there’s been a lot of reason to keep going back to Hope County and its residents. Soon there will be one more — zombies. The trailer for Dead Living Zombies, the final Far Cry 5 expansion, has been released and shows a lot of the back-story players will experience. Hint: A certain filmmaker might be involved. But it also looks as though there will be zombified honey badgers, because trying to kill just normally alive ones wasn’t hard enough, apparently. Then there are flaming zombies, an enemy type we’re pretty certain is going to explode and… was that a Blood Dragon? Catch the trailer at the link below.

Source: Ubisoft (YouTube)


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