How to get Fortnite on Android soon(ish)


If you’re not one of the lucky Samsung-device owners who has access to Fortnite right about now, there’s a way to get on the waiting list to receive an invite and actually play the game on Android.

Fortnite’s journey to Android has been a complicated one. Epic Games has been promising to bring it to the OS for months, with iPhonies already having access for what feels like ages. That is, until the official launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

While it appears to be live for Android, the process of actually getting the game is, well, slightly more complicated.

You’ll need to sign up for a beta of the game. Yeah, we know. Although the game has been up and running on other platforms, it’s still in beta on Android. You’ll have to give Epic your email address, and they’ll send you an invite… soon. Whatever that means.

How soon is soon? There appears to be a waiting list at the moment and after the initial signup and install, you’re told that it might take a few days to receive an email invitation to play. The whole thing is bypassing the Google Play store, so you’ll need to install the Fortnite Installer APK to install the game.

Don’t stress, after you sign up for the so-called ‘beta’, you’ll receive an email with the link to download. You’ll need to give the app authorisation to download and install from something other than Google Play Store in the phone’s settings.

It’s essential to check if your device is compatible first, but Epic’s got the full list, which seems to include a wide range, including upper-end handsets from Huawei, LG, Nokia, OnePlus, Xiaomi, ZTE and even the new Razer ROG phone.

We’re also waiting for the email invite on our devices (excluding the newer Samsung devices), so don’t feel left out.


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