We’re giving this MVRCK hamper to this soon-to-be-even-better-groomed person


You can’t have a bad hair day if you don’t have any hair. Apparently it’s just called a ‘bad day’ if you’re thinning a little on top. But if you’re one of those types with hair, be it on top of your skull or attached to your chin (or upper lip), you should probably be looking after it. Not because of its magical trouble-repelling properties, just because healthy hair is happy hair. And we’re going to help someone with that.

As you might remember from a few weeks ago (or if you have a social media presence at all), we’ve been planning on giving away a MVRCK hamper, designed to make facial and er… conventional hair very pleased indeed, to one lucky winner. And the day has come to get to the whole ‘giving away’ part of the exercise. Because it’s Friday and we love doing this sort of thing on a Friday.

Before we go any further, though, here’s some important info you need to know. (Legal told us to say that and they charge large sums of money by the hour so we’re just going to listen to them.) Here’s how we pick our winners: Potential winners’ names are drawn randomly by a computer. Once the name has been drawn, the entry is examined by a human to make sure it’s valid. If it’s not, the computer has another go. That’s it. Unless you work for Stuff Magazine in one way or another, in which case you are disqualified before you even start. Seriously. We check.

Have you got all that? Great, then we can get on with the exciting bit of this MVRCK hamper announcement. Our winner is:

Jacques Louw

Congrats to Jacques, who will be receiving an email making the final arrangements for his MVRCK hamper shortly. For the rest of you, stick around because we’ve got something else showing up on the website in a little while. For the meantime, though, we hope everyone has a great weekend.


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