We made a Spotify playlist with tracks submitted by readers… and this is what we got


Cast your mind back to last month and you might recall we gave away a wireless speaker, a Fender Newport to be exact. To enter, readers had to submit their track of choice for testing speakers and headphones. We had more than just a few entries (395 uniques to be exact — and one chap who entered an Enigma song 500 times), and slaved away adding the submissions to a collaborative Spotify playlist.

Safe to say we had a few duplicates, a few punts of local artists (which we appreciate — shout out to J. Loops and Lady Zamar, in particular) and a lot of variation. For realz. We’ve received everything from Majozi and Queen (a lot of Queen), to Toto (and not just ‘Africa’) and Childish Gambino. The most submitted track? None other than Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. We totally saw that one coming.

Hit play and get ready to get lost in the wide range of music, genres and musical depths on offer. But please be warned, it’s all over the place. We don’t want to be the reason you accidentally blare ‘Despacito’ (which, remarkably, was only submitted by one entrant) in your heavy metal-only office.

While there was only one Kanye West track submitted, on the flip side, his arch nemesis Tay-Tay got four submissions. Go T-Swizzle! You managed to introduce us to a South African queen called Lady Zamar, reminded us of our misspent youth with Lit, and kept rock ‘n roll alive with a respectable 10 AC/DC submissions (most of them for ‘Thunderstruck’).

We’re making the playlist open to all of you — whether you plan on testing your brand new Sennheisers or just want to relax on a mild winter-day in Jozi with an unsettling — dare we call it ‘eclectic’? — range of tracks.

Share it with your boytjies, your girltjies or your ouma. And, as we promised, this will now be our main playlist used to test each and every speaker, headphone, earbud, and even phone speakers. Just because we can. Check it out right here.


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