Android P is now officially Android Pie and it’s available to select phones


Android P has finally got an official name — Android Pie. And weirdly, we didn’t see it coming. We had all sorts of other titles in mind: Pancake, Popcorn, Parfait, Peppermint… Pie, just wasn’t on that list. We just weren’t thinking simple enough, given the names that have come before.

Google made the announcement at the same time that they officially released the operating system upgrade. Which means that you can experience it in all its updated glory… if, that is, you’re carting around one of the smartphones that supports Android Pie at launch. The sad news? You probably don’t.

Google’s Pixel devices are getting the upgrade via an OTA update, as will the Essential phone, while the other phones that were supported during the beta (the Xiaomi Mi Max 2S, Oppo R15 Pro, OnePlus 6, Essential PH-1, Vivo X21, Sony Xperia XZ2 or Nokia 7 Plus) or any Android One devices will be next in line to get themselves a slice of Pie. For everyone else, there’s likely to be a wait as the likes of Samsung, LG, Moto, and the rest finish mucking around and customising the new Android version for their own stable.

Want to get a sense of what’s coming from Android Pie? Check out our brief overview of the changes to the Android OS here. Navigation has changed, there’s some digital wellbeing on the way, and smarter software-based battery monitoring should allow for longer times between chargers. Pity it’ll be a few months before Android Pie makes it on to South African plates.

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