We regret that we have but one Fender Newport to give away — we’ve given it to this person


You may have noticed that Stuff has been gearing up to give away a Fender Newport Bluetooth speaker. If you haven’t noticed that, then you haven’t been spending enough time on social media. Which… may be a good thing. Except for the whole missing-out-on-the-giveaway part.

But a lot of you didn’t miss out. We had one condition for the Fender Newport speaker giveaway: We wanted your songs. Which will then become our songs, in a roundabout way, since we were planning on turning them into a Spotify (and just general) playlist to use for testing speakers and headphones in the Stuff offices. Because a steady diet of death metal, indie obscurities, funk, and whatever it is that the normal folks in the office listen to gets a bit old after a while.

Fender Newport BT SpeakerAnd boy did we get what we wanted. Assuming each song that was nominated is four minutes long (most of em will be longer) and that there are only a few duplicate submissions (there were), we’re still looking at a rough estimate of about 33 hours of music. And that’s being on the conservative side. We had submissions as varied as Ed Sheeran and Slayer, from Nasty C to Jimi Hendrix, Queen to Boyz II Men, Taylor Swift to Childish Gambino. We even had one enterprising soul give us his own track on Spotify, and you’d better believe that’s going on the playlist. It’s the second time Stuff‘s had a music submission like this. We’re surprised there weren’t more.

Anyway, enough of that. Time to announce the winner of the Fender Newport Bluetooth speaker but first… a little about how we do our competition draws.

You can find most of this info is on the Terms and Conditions page, but there are some things we like to get out of the way here. Here’s how we pick our winners: Potential winners’ names are drawn randomly by a computer. Once the name has been drawn, the entry is examined by a human to make sure it’s valid. If it’s not (which sometimes happens — not this time though. There are no incorrect songs — except that Barney the Dinosaur one) the computer has another go. That’s it. Unless you work for Stuff Magazine in one way or another, in which case you are disqualified before you even start.

Right, shall we get on with it then? Our winner is…

Marlene Leonard

Congrats to Marlene, who should have an email in her inbox right about now. For the rest of you fine music-loving people, we’ve got something else on the go at the moment. Swing on by our MVRCK competition and also keep your eyes peeled for something else next week.


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