Galaxy Note 9 rumour roundup – ‘Accidental’ leaks, Amazon mishap & Fortnite exclusivity


In just under a week’s time Samsung will announce the Galaxy Note 9, the next in the almost-infamous phablet line that may or may not explode (it probably won’t). But before Samsung goes all official on us, we’ve got all the dirty inside info for you.

Around this time before any launch, we tend to see a range of ‘leaks’ — something that is likely planned by the smartphone makers well in advance — and from these leaks, we often confirm quite a few long-standing rumours. Some are old, and some are new — you decide if it’s all worth the hype.

Samsung ‘accidentally’ leaks an image and video intro 

Do you really think all leaks happen by accident? Samsung likely has an elaborate plan of leaking selected specs and info out into the world as part of the build-up to the official launch. This week we got to lay our eyeballs on an official render of the upcoming device’s backside and an intro video hinting at a 512GB version of the Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung published a preorder announcement for the Note 9 on its website without an official announcement. The page read, “Say hello to super power” and invited customers to preorder and be “one of the first to experience it.” The page has been removed, for obvious reasons — classic baiting.

The Note 9 in motion

The appearance of Samsung’s newest isn’t much of a rumour anymore — but here goes. The Note 9 closely resembles the Note 8 and features a headphone jack, a USB-C port, dual rear cameras, and a rear fingerprint sensor that has moved to a more sensible spot — underneath the camera setup. If we were doubtful about that, the leaked image above does kinda give it away. 

If that wasn’t enough confirmation, Samsung also managed to leak an intro video for the device, removing it shortly after we had a chance to see it (we managed to snag a copy from SamMobile). The video features a yellow-gold stylus with the blue edition of the phone and promises a 512GB version. 

The video mentions the Note 9’s ability to expand internal storage up to 1TB and shows a 512GB SD-card being inserted — using some basic math we’ve come to the conclusion that the Note will have a 512GB version available. Other than that, the video was very straightforward — have a look.


Dual wireless charger that’ll likely launch with the Note leaks

This week at an Amazon press preview event, the company had Samsung’s upcoming Wireless Charger Duo on display, accidentally. Journalists at the event tried to figure out what this odd device was, (the employees didn’t help much). The product tag was labeled “Samsung Qi Pad (2018)”.

The device seems to have two wireless charging pads that are powered by a single USB-C input in back. And while there isn’t any official branding in front, there’s a sticker on the bottom with a big Samsung logo and power specs listing the device’s input at 12 volts at 2.1 amps.

The other feature is that, hidden beneath the black plastic in front, there are two handy indicator lights that tell you what the pad’s charging status is.

When it comes to that flat charger on the other side of the pad, rumours suggest it is intended for use with Samsung’s next Gear smartwatch, which is expected to launch at IFA in Berlin.

It might launch with Fortnite Mobile for Android, exclusively for a month

What better way to launch a mobile device? Just partner up with the biggest gaming sensation in the world at the moment. It seems that Samsung is partnering with Epic Games to launch the much-awaited Fortnite Mobile for Android with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. So that’s why we haven’t seen an Android launch date from Epic yet…

According to a source at xda, the Note 9 launch will be based around Fortnite, and it will officially be the first phone to launch with Fortnite Mobile preinstalled. The source mentioned that people who buy the device will receive free V-Bucks and free skins. Don’t know what we’re on about? Head to our Fortnite guide.

Apparently the new smart Note 9 S Pen will also be integrated into the game in some way. We’re guessing players will be able aim and shoot with using the button on the S-Pen? We’ve got no idea if that’s the case, but we can’t wait to try it out… if this rumour turns out to be the real deal.

Apparently the game will launch on Android exclusively for the Note 9 for about a month, after which the game will become available to other Android devices.

If you’re more interested in the boring rumours and specs we already covered, head to our previous rumour round up. The Galaxy Note 9 will officially be announced on the 9th of August, and we should see it ‘on shelves’ (and in hands) from the 24th of August.


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