Call all three of your friends with WhatsApp group video call


The green messaging app, WhatsApp, has updated its video-calling service with support for group video calls. That means more than just you and your imaginary friend, we’re sorry, but two’s not a party. The new feature allows you to video chat with up to three other people simultaneously on both the iOS and Android apps.

To use the new feature, you don’t even need to do an update (unless you haven’t in a considerable amount of time, in which case you’ll need to).

In oder to get started, you’ll need to initiate a one-on-one voice or video call with a contact — this will probs be your favourite one out of the group — and then tap the ‘add participant’ button at the top right of the screen. Easy peasy.

WhatsApp says that the calls are end-to-end encrypted just like conventional messages. Which is amazing if you don’t take into account that its owned by Facebook — which has had plenty of privacy scandals in recent months.

The very same social network announced group video calling was coming to WhatsApp at its F8 conference in May and mentioned that the same thing would roll out for Instagram. Which arrived in June, also with a similar four-person limit.

Limiting calls to just four people means it’s not for you if your family consists of 32 cousins and you like to do weekly family call on FaceTime (which allows for up to 32 people at once). But for you and your besties, four might be more than enough. If you’ve ever been on a conference call with a dozen people you know how quickly they can spiral out of control. Maybe the limits actually a good thing.

In any case, WhatsApp’s new group video call functionality rolls out starting today. If you haven’t got it yet, keep looking for it in coming days. We’ve got it here at Stuff Towers, and can confirm it works a treat… just don’t make calls in the same room unless you want to deal with awful, ear-piercing feedback. We find these things out so you don’t have to.

Source: WhatsApp Blog


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