A leaked ad forces DJI to confirm Mavic 2 drone specs


Have you ever done something you regret immediately but know that you can’t undo? That’s what the print industry risks every day, and an error like printing an ad way out of schedule can lead to a Mavic mishap… just ask drone- and gimbal-maker DJI.

We knew that DJI had new versions of the Mavic Pro on the way, but not quite what they would look like. Thanks to a mistakenly published advertisement in a UK retailer’s catalogue, DJI had to confirm a few specs and features ahead of the drones’ official reveal. Oops.

What we learnt from the leaks, published on Twitter shortly after an Argos fan spotted the ad, is that there are two big changes coming to this generation of the Mavic. First, a “zoom” model (a configuration DJI is calling the Mavic 2 Zoom) that can shoot as wide as 28mm and as tight as 48mm. And second, the introduction of a new Pro model with a much larger image sensor.

We’ve only seen zoom lenses and 1in image sensors on DJI’s more expensive professional drones like the Phantoms and Aspires, so it’s great to see these options coming to the cheaper and more portable Mavic.

The camera system on the new Pro will have a big 1in CMOS sensor — which is a huge bump over the 1/2.3in sensor in the original Mavic Pro. The ad also mentions that this is a “Hasselblad camera,” whatever that means (Hasselblad is of course an iconic Swedish photography company, but how involved it is in the Mavic remains to be seen).

The original Mavic Pro

The foldable struts of the predecessor, and the new drones appear to be slightly slimmer than the current Pro. Both new models will offer up to 31-minute flight time and close to 8km range. Buyers can also look forward to “omnidirectional obstacle sensing”, which means even more obstacle-avoidance sensors than the Pro, and more than the more recent Mavic Air, which has front, back and bottom sensors.

There’s not much more we can tell from the leaked ad, but we’re expecting 4K video footage and DJI’s usual user-friendly interface and “fly-more” combo options with additional batteries and maybe other accessories. Once we get local pricing and available info we’ll be sure to let you know.

Source: Cnet


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