Player-made Fallout 4 mod, Fallout Miami, impresses with its official trailer


Unfortunately we’ve gone and spoiled things with the headline but we’re willing to bet that if you weren’t aware that Fallout Miami was a player-made mod, you’d assume that Bethesda had gone and sneaked in a new Fallout release while you were distracted by Fallout 76.

Go ahead. Go ahead and watch the official Fallout Miami trailer and then tell us that it doesn’t feel like someone went and took Fallout: New Vegas (the best Fallout that isn’t turn-based) and dumped it into the swampy, lunatic-filled setting that is Miami, Florida.

The game mod is unmistakably made from existing Fallout assets, though there have been enough alterations to the locale and the in-game items presented in the trailer that the change in venue is obvious. Gone is the grey-green of Fallout 3, the grey-red-brown of Fallout New Vegas and the 50-shades-of-grey of Fallout 4. Instead we’re looking at far more splashes of colour, as well as a little grey. Because it’s traditional.

If the narrator, audio and the story tease are any indication of the mod’s eventual quality, then we’re totally sold. In fact, if Bethesda were to pick up this mod, and the team behind it, and develop Miami into a full-scale title, we’d also be okay with that. Especially if it means tangling with Deathclaw-sized mutant alligators. A little Fallout-by-the-sea is just what we need in our lives right now.

If you’re as taken with the footage as we are, then you can follow along on the development of this mod at the Fallout Miami blog. There’s no info regarding a release for this Fallout 4 mod yet but based on what we’ve seen so far, we don’t mind waiting at all.


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