Samsung leaks the upcoming Galaxy Watch on its own website


Samsung’s not very good at keeping secrets, something we’re still not sure isn’t completely intentional on their part. The latest secret the company has failed to keep is the Galaxy Watch, the next wearable device to enter the market.

We’re familiar with the likes of Samsung’s wearables, with the most recent being the Gear S3 range. An announcement for the Gear S4 is supposedly imminent, but there’s also talk of the line either being renamed to the Galaxy Watch, or a whole new line arriving under the new moniker in addition to a Gear S4. A leak on Samsung’s own website seems to have confirmed we can look forward to a “Galaxy Watch” either way.

Tech website CNET was the first to spot it, after being tipped off by a Twitter user. A Rose Gold Galaxy Watch, part of a range which hasn’t been announced yet, was showing up as a suggested item when visitors viewed certain Galaxy S2 and S3 wearables. The mistake has since been corrected and scrubbed, though you can see a screen-cap of the watch in question above.

Not the new Samsung wearable, just the lowly Gear S3 Frontier

The ‘Galaxy Watch (42mm) Rose Gold (Bluetooth)’ didn’t have any pricing info or specs in the preview view and the mistake also didn’t link anywhere useful. It does infer a few things about the Galaxy Watch though — we’re looking at multiple sizes, likely 42mm and 38mm (because Apple does ’em that way and they’re good sizes for wristwear in general), there’s certainly going to be more than just Rose Gold available, and a specific mention of Bluetooth suggests that we might see a Bluetooth and then perhaps an LTE or GPS version of the Galaxy Watch.

While much of this is just guesswork for now, we don’t have long to wait to put this to bed. Samsung’s thought to be revealing their newest wearables alongside the Galaxy Note 9 on 9 August, which gives us just a few short weeks before a more official confirmation. That’s if you even need one, given how this leak comes direct from Samsung’s US website.

Source: CNET


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