Watch a man with jet engines on his feet fly at 166km/h


We’ve been keeping an eye on the antics of one Frank Zapata for some time now, ever since 2014 when he came out with the aquatic HoverBoard. Then there was the Flyboard Air, which is basically a portable jet engine that set a world distance record in 2016. Over water, we have to stress.

Well, good old Franky is back with the Flyboard Air and this time he’s left the safety of water, opting instead to race a Lamborghini, impress kids, and fly over a bit of water. Hey, if you’re zipping by things at 166km/h in mid-air you want something to land in that is less likely to remove limbs on impact. Mostly though, he’s over some quite dangerous terrain — assuming you crash. Zapata doesn’t crash, at least not on film.

If the video above (backing track not included) is as impressive to you as we think it is, it’s also worth taking a look at the behind-the-scenes footage, which doesn’t centre quite as much on high-end supercars, Zapata and his aerial death-wish. Filming the segment wasn’t without its challenges, not least of which was making sure that the drone used for filming several of the shots didn’t run into the high-speed aerial Frenchman.

You can check out more about the Flyboard Air at the official website. At present pilot Franky Zapata is the only person rated to fly this little gizmo and the company isn’t saying how much it’ll cost if you want your own one. We suspect, though, that if you have a gigantic amount of cash in your bank account then the company wouldn’t mind putting you on one of their aerial products — expect a rather large waiver, though, and to give your insurance company heart failure when they see what you’ve just bought.


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