Snip and clip like a pro with MVRCK and Fern the Barber


Everyone’s got a local barber who charges a pittance and is equally economical with their conversation… but far rarer, and more valuable, is a barber who’s attentive behind the chair and who chooses their tools as carefully as their clients choose them. Fern the Barber is one of these, and Paul Mitchell’s new range of barbering products — called MVRCK — are exactly the sort of tools we’re talking about.

From pomade and other styling products to shaving cream, after shave and even beard oil, MVRCK is an all-encompassing grooming line created by barbers, for barbers. Paul Mitchell’s picked three of the world’s finest snippers of hair and trimmers of beards to be the featured barbers for the MVRCK brand: Fernie Andong, Palmore and Jason Reyes.

Now it’s South Africa’s turn to experience MVRCK first hand/face. Twincare, in association with Paul Mitchell and Bayliss Pro Stylist Tools haven’t just brought MVRCK to Mzansi, they’re bring Fern the Barber out from Los Angeles for a nationwide series of barbering courses (details on those below).

We had a chance to take some of MVRCK’s kit for a test run. The shaving gel was luxurious and soothing, and our partner thought the after-shave gel — which is great for reducing razor burn — made us smell “delicious”. Meanwhile, the grooming spray gave our wispy follicles a surprising — and hitherto never before experienced — illusion of volume. Which isn’t quite water-into-wine, but it’s not far off.

Next we warmed a little of the matt styling wax in our hands and ran it through our mop. The result? No unsightly shimmer or shine, just that perfectly carefree-and-tousled look. We’re only sorry we know it’s going to run out eventually.

As for the beard oil, we’ve always longed for a beard, but our DNA had other plans. Nonetheless, we can confirm that it smells suitably masculine. We were going to use some on the dog’s tail to see how it handles thick growth, but our partner worried it’d get licked off. Also, it’s way to nice to waste on the pooch, as much as we love him. He’s affection, and we think he’s handsome, but when it comes to grooming products he knows about as much as our parents do about the blockchain.

The MVRCK range runs long, and deep, and is as good looking as the people in its promotional material using it (see above). Whether you’re a barbering professional or just someone whose grooming routine extends beyond aqueous cream, a disposable razor and two-ply, you’ll feel the MVRCK difference when you use it. Plus, someone might just tell you that you smell delicious, and who doesn’t want that!?

If you’re keen on getting tips from scissor superstar Fern, you can. Tickets cost R500, each conference runs from 08:30 to 13:30 on its respective day, and you can expect to rub shoulders with the best of South Africa’s styling professionals. Tattoos and a perfectly coiffed fringe aren’t requirements, but they certainly won’t hurt. Click on the link below each events’ details to secure your ticket.

30 July 2018: Johannesburg (Turbine Hall, Newtown)
Click here

31 July 2018: Durban (Waterfront Hotel)
Click here

2 August: Cape Town (East City Studios)
Click here


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