Light Start – The SDCC Trailer Edition


Aquaman is looking like the next DC movie we absolutely have to see

Okay, so the last few Superman and Batman films… weren’t great. The one with both of them, even less so. But Wonder Woman was an absolute blast and we’ve got similar hopes for the upcoming Aquaman. The often-mocked superhero’s live-action outing got a full trailer at this year’s San Diego Comic Con and it’s looking an awful lot like we’re going to have to watch this one in cinemas rather than at home. Spectacle, explosions, sharks with frikkin’ laser beams attached to their heads, as well as a king-vs-king battle in front of a live studio audience? Yeah, you can count us in.

Enough with the teasing, here’s the first trailer for Matt Groening’s Disenchantment

We’ve been through a couple of teasers for Disenchantment, the new fantasy-themed series by Simpsons and Futurama creator Matt Groening but at long last we’ve finally got a proper look at the Netflix series that’ll be launching next month. Early on we got a very Bender’s Game vibe from the show but it’s looking like a less chaotic outing than that — which might work in the series favour. Princess Bean winds up bailing on an arrangement marriage (escaping when her prince manages to get his head impaled on a sword) in order to do her own thing. How that works out isn’t told in the newest trailer but we’re pretty sure she’s the worst pet-store employee of all time. OF ALL TIME! /kanye.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series is coming back, thanks to Disney

Star Wars: The Clone Wars was an animated series that was perhaps not as appreciated as it could have been. Unless, that is, you listened to the rabid fans who swore by the show. It’s been out of action since 2013, when the show was cancelled, but now it’s coming back. Disney has released a new trailer for the resurrected series, which should clear up some of those questions left unanswered half a decade ago. And if the trailer doesn’t manage it, the series might. Expect it to land… whenever Disney says it will.

If you’re any kind of superhero fan, you have to watch this trailer for Glass immediately

Unbreakable was one of the most impressive superhero films we’ve seen that didn’t include an iconic superhero in it. Instead we had Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis as a man who broke easily and a man who didn’t, respectively. Then came Split, about a man with many personalities — one of which wasn’t very nice at all. And they’ve all come together in the newest M. Night Shyamalan vehicle, Glass, which puts these super-heroes and villains into the same playground and lets them run around being… creepy. Or heroic. Or heroically creepy. Expect it in early January and expect us to have middle-of-the-theatre seats for it. The front row is for suckers who bought their tickets late.


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