Samsung’s foldable phone will most likely launch next year


The  company behind the ultimate slide phone, the Samsung E840, might launch the future equivalent next year — a foldable phone. And we’re not talking about an updated Motorola Razr, but rather a smartphone with a 7in touchscreen display… that folds in half.

There has been a lot of speculation about Samsung’s foldable device in recent months, but this is the first information received about a commercial availability timeline. An unnamed source, speaking to the Wall Street Journal, said that the device will likely be seen in 2019.

The device may be codenamed ‘Winner’ (someone’s confident), and will feature cameras on the back and a small display in front when in the folded orientation, according to the anonymous person.

A launch would most likely coincide with Mobile World Congress, if the source is correct about the 2019 reveal, and the official name of the device is rumoured to be the Galaxy X. Which is obviously the number ten, and we’re expecting a Ten (or X) from them because — unlike other competitors — Samsung knows how to count properly.

We’re not blown away by the concept, nor are we in any way annoyed. In recent years we’ve seen smartphones becoming more and more generic, and maybe it’s up to Samsung to break that trend. A folding smartphone would definitely be something novel. 

It’s also almost time for the South Korean company to unveil their Galaxy Note 9, which will look a lot like its predecessor, the Note 8. Maybe Samsung has been directing all its efforts towards the Galaxy X this year and opted to roll out the same device designs as last year on purpose. We’d totally believe that one. 

Source: The Verge


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