Netflix launches new interface for smart TVs


Netflix is (almost) essential in a modern, connected society, and the platform-slash-interface plays an integral role in a user’s experience. Nothing’s more annoying than accidentally tapping the ‘Back’ button on a TV remote and being redirected back to the top of the app.

Cue the sigh of annoyance at having to type ‘Breaking Bad’  into the search bar all over again with your remote control. You could’ve been watching some people make bad decisions by now, but no. You have to type instead. 

In an effort to address these — and probably a few other — interface issues, Netflix has launched a new design for smart TV platforms. The new interface is based on Netflix’s research and testing to help users find specific titles on the streaming platform as effortlessly as possible.

The new interface is intended to make navigation simpler and more intuitive. Netflix is the king of recommendations, so obviously they know what you want even before you know.

It should now be easier to search and view new content when it drops. You’ll have more capabilities when browsing either a series or movie name, and there’s also a dedicated tab for titles you’ve saved for later viewing in My List.

The simpler, user-friendly design will most likely aid members in finding something to watch, even though that user really isn’t sure what they want to watch. We’re often that user ourselves. Only trouble is that it’s not available here just yet, at least on the TV interfaces we had on hand on a work day (so at least three, then). To ease the pain, check out our Netflix tips and tricks


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