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It’s time for another issue of Stuff Magazine to hit shelves and drop jaws, and the July-August 2018 edition isn’t mucking around. You’re going to i8 us for this one, but we’ve had an early look at the BMW i8 Roadster and it absolutely justifies its place on the cover. Oh, but the July-August 2018 headliner isn’t alone. It’s brought friends, from all over the consumer-technology world. 

Stuff spent a long, arduous time checking out all of the newest gaming releases at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (better known as E3) and we’ve gone and collected the very best of this year’s show in one place. There are eight glorious pages and sixteen titles in our Best Games of E3 roundup. If you want to know the games that will be on your must-play list for the next year and beyond, get the July-August issue today.

Speakers are good. Bluetooth speakers are even better. Bluetooth speakers that look like Fender and Marshall speaker stacks? Headsplosion. We’ve tested a bunch of Fender and Marshall Bluetooth speakers, stacking them (ahem) against each other in a quest for musical supremacy. Oh, yeah, and you have until 3 August to enter for a Fender Newport speaker giveaway we’re running on the website as well. So get your entry in and then pick up the mag so you can see how this little character performed in our head-to-head sonic shootouts.

What else are we looking at in this July-August 2018 issue of Stuff Magazine? Oh, loads. We’ve taken a look at the Hyperkin Duke Xbox One controller, facial recognition and the future, the Audi e-tron Vision Gran Turismo (not a digital car anymore), 4K content for your 4K TV (it’d be a bit weirder if it was 4K content for your toaster, but okay), a selection of cheaper Android phones, the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit, and a whole lot more besides. And you can only find them, and the other cars, gadgets, apps, and games we haven’t listed here, in the July-August issue of Stuff

Find it wherever magazines are sold. If you can’t find it, let us know

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