See Fury in flames in the newest Darksiders III gameplay footage


Darksiders III, the sequel to the excellent prior games starring War and Death, recently had a release date announcement leaked, confirmed, and then developer Gunfire Games revealed that they’d actually tweeted the 27 November release date themselves ahead of time.

The long and short of it is that Darksiders III, a series that we thought might have met its end when Vigil Games was shuttered, is back and we’ve got a brand new look at some Fury-focussed gameplay footage to bask in. The footage comes by way of IGN France, who got the first look at the whip-wielding protagonist.

The short snippet of gameplay shows a whole lot, especially if you’re familiar with Darksiders and Darksiders II. The art style remains unchanged from the previous titles, with the setting heading back to post-apocalypse Earth, but it’s Fury in motion that’s the most interesting.

Fury uses a whip as her main weapon but the video shows her slashing a sword around, as well as using dual, shorter, whips. We suspect that at least some of the RPG elements from Darksiders II are sticking around for this one. We also see Fury, who is a mage as well as one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, bursting into flames and using the ability to move through environmental hazards. There will be other elemental changes, which will allow players to negotiate other areas without harm. We’re expecting that to cross over to enemies in combat, who will likely have elemental weaknesses as well.

It looks like new developer Gunfire are going to be playing up the open world aspect of this one. Darksiders was a fairly linear affair, while traipsing around as Death in Darksiders II was a lot broader, but still fairly restricted as far as wide open spaces go. A little more free-form gameplay would go a long way here. We’re looking forward to returning to the series come year-end.

Source: IGN France


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