Scantily-clad Kill la Kill fighting game on the way


One of the better-known anime of recent years, Kill la Kill, is being transformed into a game. Get your hands on half a pair of scissors and find your most scandalous outfit, because Ryuku and Satsuki will both be playable in the upcoming title.

Dragon Ball FighterZ publisher Arc System Works has announced Kill la Kill The Game IF. It looks like a 3D arcade-style experience based in the weird and wonderful world of Kill la Kill. The game will launch on both the PS4 and Steam for PC.

Arc System Works has said much about how the title will work, but the trailer suggests it’ll follow the plot of the anime. Studio Trigger, the animation house behind the source material, is going to be involved as well and they’ve promised that the story will be expanded on in the game adaptation. That means we’ll be getting an exciting title featuring a giant-scissor-wielding girl who is out for revenge, an abundance of violence and equal amounts of racy, sentient, transforming clothing.

Kill la Kill The Game IF doesn’t launch until sometime in 2019, but there will be a playable version at the annual EVO fighting game tournament between 3 August and 5 August in Las Vegas. If you’re up for a trip to Vegas (and who isn’t), you might be able to get your hands on it in between watching competitive fighting game finals.

We do not know if this game will be as well-received as Dragon Ball FighterZ, but it has both a capable developer and looks like it could provide a lot of fun. Especially if it aligns well with the anime — something that both Studio Trigger and Arc System Works seem keen on.

Source: Kill la Kill Game website


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