Call any network with new Telkom FreeMe bundles


You don’t have to worry about the minutes running out just yet (especially if you prefer calling over data). But if you’re old-school that way, Telkom has launched a new voice bundle promotion for their FreeMe and FreeMe Family customers which was available from 5 July 2018. The best bit? The bundles can be used to call any mobile network in South Africa.

How does it work? Users pay a fixed amount and get their hands on a surprisingly large amount of talk time in return. If you want to chat for almost two hours, you can pick up 100 minutes from Telkom for just R40. Guess having the option to make cheaper calls using data is having an effect on traditional calling.

And normally Telkom would give preference to its own users, only allowing calls from Telkom-to-Telkom numbers with this sort of offer. In this instance they have acknowledged that Telkom customers may have family or friends on other networks, so they’ll be able to use those minutes to chat to any network. 

“These voice bundles further enhance the value of our FreeMe plans. We’re committed to offering value and convenience to our customers,” says Serame Taukubong, Telkom Consumer CEO.

The bundles are billed per second and are valid for 31 days from the date of purchase. They are available for postpaid and top-up customers on FreeMe and FreeMe Family contracts. The new bundles can be purchased either as a once-off or as recurring bundles. See the basic table below. 

FreeMe Promo All-Networks Voice Bundles

Bundle Price (VAT inclusive)
100 minutes R40
200 minutes R80
300 minutes R100
500 minutes R150



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