Choose your airplane seat in VR with Emirates


Do you prefer the aisle seat for an easy escape route and access to the loo in case of emergency, or the window seat to trick yourself into thinking there’s some fresh air because the middle-seat neighbour just doesn’t understand personal space? The choice just got a lot easier with Emirates’ new 3D/VR booking system.

The airline introduced 3D seat models on their website, which can be viewed using VR or just via a 360-degree video. The model uses a visualisation engine that displays the inside of an A380 as well as a Boeing 777 in 3D, including a 360-degree view of the interior where you can virtually stroll down the aisles.

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Customers now have the ability to explore the inside of the cabins of the two aircraft before purchasing a ticket. The VR feature is available for economy, business and first class cabins, which includes a few ridiculous spots like the shower spa and lounge on the top deck of the A380. We have to wonder who needs a holiday after you’ve been on first class? While it’s unlikely we’ll ever get to experience it first hand, the virtual peek isn’t the worst consolation prize.

The 3D 360-degree views can either be viewed and navigated online, or using any VR headset for a more immersive experience (if you need ‘more immersive’ just to choose a seat, go ahead).

The feature should work on just about any Android or iOS device, but it’s much easier accessing it on a laptop or desktop. It’s live now, so head on over to the Emirates website and take a stroll through one of their airplanes. Maybe it’ll help you decide on your next holiday destination.


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