Netflix testing new Ultra tier, which may put HDR content behind a higher price point


Netflix has been testing out a new pricing tier of their streaming service over in Europe, where people aren’t being slammed quite as hard by VAT and petrol price increases. The tests involve creating a new Ultra tier, which will sit above the existing Basic, Standard, and Premium plans.

Just what the creation of an Ultra tier involves hasn’t been defined yet. A table has been found showing that Netflix might be locking away HDR content behind the new (and most expensive) pricing option, though reports from around Europe state that there are some differences to be seen in plans being tested.

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Some locations are saying that Netflix is just adding the new tier, with HDR content being the drawcard but with no other changes other than the price increase. Ultra will also support four simultaneous streams, the same option available with Premium.

Other locations are reporting that the test has involved more extensive changes — Standard going from two to one streams, Premium from four to two, and then Ultra getting the four streams option — alterations that will see anyone wanting to keep multi-device capability paying a little more at the end of the day.

The key word here is ‘test’, though. The company has made no official announcement about any permanent change of available packages. A company spokesperson did comment, saying “In this case, we are testing slightly different price points and features to better understand how consumers value Netflix.” If they get a decent response to the pricing changes, we might see them making their way South Africa-side. Till then we’ll just stick with the Premium plan, thanks.

Source: CNET


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