Huawei’s Honor 10 GT to feature 8GB of RAM


Sorry, entry-level laptop. You’ve had a good run but smartphones are about to start hitting the market with double your usual RAM allocation. It’s time we said goodbye. And we’re not even kidding, as Chinese smartphone maker Honor has announced the Honor 10 GT — the first smartphone from the company to launch with 8GB of RAM.

An upgrade of the Huawei Honor 10, which launched overseas earlier this year in 4GB and 6GB variants, the Honor 10 GT has been announced for China and… nowhere else. The expected launch date is 27 July and the handset will cost more than the Honor 10, which has an approximate (overseas) price of about R5,400.

The Honor 10 GT will land with a 5.8in LCD display, home button fingerprint reader, Kirin 970 processor, and dual rear cameras — expect a 24MP and a 16MP sensor to play with. There’s a 3,400mAh battery powering the show, and the GT will be arriving with a 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB-C charging port. And then there’s the 8GB of RAM, of course. How responsive is this thing going to be?

Are we going to see it here in South Africa? Unfortunately not. While Huawei’s Honor range has reached this country, it may take a while for the flagship devices to make their way this side. The company is focussing on the lower-to-mid range of devices (so far we’ve got the really solid Honor 7X and the 9 Lite) for South Africa at the moment — which is why we’re not (officially) getting the lower-spec Honor 10 in this country either. Still, we live in an international economy these days. If you really want it, we’re pretty sure someone will be willing to get it for you.

Source: The Verge

Updated to correct mention of the Honor 10 GT being the first commercial smartphone with 8GB of RAM. Both Xiaomi and OnePlus have already launched 8GB models previously. 


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