Instagram testing option to let users ask followers questions in Stories


Instagram is testing a feature that allows users to ask their followers questions and receive answers. You’ve probably seen the ‘Polls’ and ‘Rating’ stickers/sliders… we suspect the new feature will be similar.

The world’s favourite image-sharing service has been in the news quite a lot lately, releasing a new long-video format feature and a standalone app for it called IGTV, and announcing that it’s now got over 1 billion active users. They also launched the option to add music to Stories for some users (not us, yet, sadly).

Android Police reported that testers at Instagram are currently testing all sorts of things. These include the new feature used to ask followers questions via Stories. Beyond that, there’s not much known about the feature. If the screenshot below (taken from an app user) is any indication, the person asks a question and followers can answer via a text box underneath, a bit like sending a message in response to a story.

Other than that, we are in the dark — we have no idea how long responses can be, where users will find them, or if they’ll be able to respond. We’re sure we’ll find out in due course, though.

For now, the feature isn’t readily available to the whole of the Instagram community, but it’s expected to roll out in the not-too-distant future.


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