The Castle Lager Game Day Table is going to a new home. But whose?


If you’ve been living under a rock, or just locked away from social media for an extended period as part of an ill-advised FOMO experiment, then you probably didn’t know that we’re giving away one (count ’em: one) Castle Lager Game Day Table. And today’s the day that we make our grand announcement — today’s the day that we announce a winner.

We only regret that there was just one table to give away this time around. But they were limited in number and were lucky to get hold of the one that we did, but whoever is our eventual winner is even luckier. We would’ve been keen on winning ourselves but… well, you’ll see below in the Terms and Conditions. On with the show — after some housekeeping, that is.

You can find most of this info is on the Terms and Conditions page, but there are some things we like to get out of the way here. Here’s how we pick our winners: Potential winners’ names are drawn randomly by a computer.

Once the name has been drawn, the entry is examined by a human to make sure it’s valid. If it’s not (which sometimes happens — looking at you, folks who enter from countries that are not South Africa) the computer has another go. That’s it. Unless you work for Stuff Magazine in one way or another, in which case you are disqualified before you even start.

But enough of the fiddling about. On to the information that a whole lot of you have been waiting an awful long time to learn — the winner of the Castle Lager Game Day Table. The computer has spoken and the winner is:

Kevin McCallum

Congrats to Kevin — Keep an eye on your inbox, you’ll be getting a message from us (or Castle) soon. For everyone else who entered, stick around. We’ve got something new coming up shortly.


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