Debonairs Pizza enters the game with IGN and eSports teams Sinister 5, White Rabbit


Esports is on the upswing internationally, with previously-unrelated brands from car manufacturers to telecoms to major tech companies clamouring to have their names featured on shirts worn by gamers showing their skills in front of crowds of cheering fans. In South Africa these brands have traditionally been laser-focussed on gaming but that has changed. Debonairs Pizza, one of the largest local fast food brands, has just signed a multi-way partnership with several prominent South African gaming outfits.

The partnership will see Debonairs teaming up with the world’s largest gaming hub Imagine Games Network – better known as IGN – as well as two of South Africa’s top local pro gaming teams, Sinister 5 and White Rabbit Gaming. The team-up doesn’t end there, as everyone will be getting together under the Arcade X tournament platform to do all things gaming related.

The point? Debonairs Pizza will assist in growing eSports in South Africa in several ways: sponsoring tournaments and generally getting involved. If that means that a few people get to munch on some pizza while cheering our local Dota 2 or PUBG teams on to a win, that’ll be a… well, a win, really.

Debonairs Pizza has always prided itself on being among the first in tech in South Africa, being the first to introduce online ordering and the Debonairs Pizza app to the country. A shift to gaming prominence isn’t as unusual as it might seem on first glance – the company sees its convenience as being an ideal fit for the gaming lifestyle. It’s far easier to pop in an order for delicious pizza using the Debonairs Pizza app than it is to head out and collect when you’re mainly focussed on winning your latest chicken dinner, after all.

And Debonairs’ partnership with White Rabbit Gaming and Sinister 5 affords the opportunity for some quality locally-produced gaming content – making sure that South African eSports team stay competitive with the rest of the rapidly-increasing gaming world. Come and join Debonairs as it tries something amazing in the world of eSports.

But wait, there’s more. Stuff and Debonairs are giving away one (1) R1,000 voucher to one Stuff reader. All you need to do is fill in the form below and you’re eligible for a considerable amount of pizza goodness. A winner will be drawn, and announced, on 6 July 2018. 


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