Hide your wallets: Lego’s making an official entry into the country


Distract your children, or at least make sure you get to Sandton City before them because the first officially-certified Lego store will be opening there at the end of July, along with an online store which will follow at a later date. Do you want to build a Deathstar? Just… no elbowing kids out the way to get to the counter, okay?

The brand new store, set to open its doors on 28 July this year, is the first Lego Certified Store on the African continent (the capital letters are intentional: It’s like having a Lego PhD). Our store will be called The Great Yellow Brick Co. and will be based in Sandton City. Jo’burg isn’t that far a drive to get your brick fix, right? Right?

But if it is, The Great Yellow Brick Co. will also be opening additional certified stores throughout South Africa in future. So expect a real Lego store near you soon (if Sandton City is too far to drive). Also in the offing is the launch a Lego Certified Store online, offering rural (and super busy) shoppers in South Africa access to all the delicious Lego goodness.

While Lego products are available at franchise and independent toy retailers elsewhere in South Africa, The Great Yellow Brick Co. is the first Lego Certified Store in the country, which means that the Danish company’s has finally decided that South Africa is a good place to officially support. So… the natural next step is obviously a Legoland. Please?

The store will include some new features like ‘experience personalisation’, augmented reality (AR), and of course, Lego! The product range will include limited editions, which are aimed at adult collectors and — in SA at least — usually purchased online. Collectors won’t need to go scouring the internet for their next purchase.

The new experience store will open on 28 July 2018. For more information, check out the The Great Yellow Brick Co. See you there. We’ll be the one’s buried in bricks.


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