Alto’s Odyssey is finally coming to Android – Pre-register now


There are few things more relaxing than careening down a hill on a snowboard, lazily backflipping over rocks and between trees as you take in the sights around you. If you can do this in person, well done — you’re more athletic than the entire Stuff team. If you’re a mere mortal, like us, then you’ll have to resort to less potentially lethal means, like Alto’s Odyssey.

Alto’s Odyssey — the sequel to the hugely successful and equally soothing Alto’s Adventure — has been a staple around the Stuff offices since its release on iOS earlier this year. The Android die-hards here, and around the world, have had to wait, but thankfully the wait is almost over.

We’re looking forward to getting some (Android-powered) time with the variable backdrops (there are three different environments — or ‘biomes’ — each with unique challenges and benefits), the goal-based gameplay, and the Zen mode in particular, which cuts most of the distractions out, does away with goals, and just lets you fly downhill in peace, accompanied by the lovely, meditative soundtrack.

Developers NoodleCake Games haven’t given a firm date for Alto’s Odyssey‘s Android release but it’s available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store. The game will be releasing “next month”, so expect it to drop in July. We’re also expecting it, like first game Alto’s Adventure — which is still an amazing play, to be free-to-download with ad support and in-app payments if you’d rather hurry up the levelling up process. Gnarly!

Source: NoodleCake Games (Twitter)


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