Light Start – Oprah and Apple, Rick and Morty TCG, a Jaguar boat, and a Boring Tesla Model X

Apple partners with Oprah Winfrey for “multi-year content partnership”

Apple’s got a streaming video service in the works and while we have little to no idea what the company is going to be doing with it, we do know that they’re going to have Oprah Winfrey joining them to create original programming. That’s according to a new release from Apple, saying that the most recognisable woman in television will help “…create original programs that embrace her incomparable ability to connect with audiences around the world.” Apple’s going to be making other Apple Originals (we can use that already, right?), but they haven’t given us any clues as to what they might look like. Sounds like the streaming wars are going to be welcoming a new combatant soon, though — and Apple’s bringing a very large and very effective gun to this fight.

Source: Apple

Rick and Morty now has trading cards. Because… nerds, we guess?

If your Rick and Morty obsession needs feeding, there’s something a little more tactile than whichever episode you happen to stream over and over again while waiting for Season 4. Rick and Morty is getting trading cards from Cryptozoic, a company that specialises in making just such additions for shows and series. The cards will be available in packs of five and may include scratch and sniff efforts, temporary tattoos, or stickers, as well as a cards of the main characters and from the show in general. But if you’re a madly serious fan, you’ll be delighted at this next bit — there’s a one-in-48 chance that you’ll snag a character card signed by that character’s voice actor in any given pack of cards. The cards launch (overseas) on 27 June. Let the games begin.


Jaguar sets a new speed record, using a boat. A very quick (electric) boat, of course

Jaguar Racing and Williams Advanced Engineering have set a new speed record for boats. A specific type of boat, that is. They’ve taken an electric boat to 88.61 miles an hour (143km/h), using some of the internals found in Formula E vehicles. The new world record, set by the Jaguar Vector Racing V20E at Coniston Water, England, has beaten out 2008’s previous best speed of 76.8 miles per hour (123km/h). Great. Why should you be impressed? Because it is tests like these that push the boundaries of what electric motors can do — and eventually they’re going to find their way into vehicles that we’re all going to be driving. If you care about performance, you should be paying attention.

Source: via Williams Advanced Engineering

Elon Musk’s Boring Company sends a Tesla Model X down a tunnel

Being Elon Musk must be fun. His latest outing has seen The Boring Company, an outfit that makes very large tunnels very quickly, send one of Tesla’s Model X vehicles down one of the tunnels. Just because, seemingly, but it also works as a demonstration of the tunnel’s viability as a mode of transportation. You probably won’t be able to actually drive a car down the tunnels once they’re operational but you might be able to load your car onto a high-speed pod and be transported to your destination without having to worry about all the surface dwellers getting in the way. Becoming a mole-person in order to avoid traffic? If it was introduced in Jozi, we’d sign up today.

Source: The Boring Company


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