Lenovo’s Thinkpad P52 is a bomber of a notebook, packing 128GB of RAM


We might be showing our ages a little but we remember a time when 16MB of RAM for a computer was a normal thing. A 500MB hard drive used to be more than enough storage space. Back then, a computer with 128GB of RAM was unthinkable. These days… not so much.

Lenovo has revealed their new Thinkpad P52 notebook, a high-end notebook that has been designed to function as a mobile VR-ready workstation. The P52 might sound like a boring slab of computer but Lenovo’s going pretty hardcore for a workstation.

The Thinkpad P52 sports a 15.6in 4K display, an Intel Xeon hexa-core processor and support for up to 128GB of RAM — a feature set that we’re now expecting to see in a dedicated gaming machine sooner rather than later. The GPU is an Nvidia Quadro P3200 –not gaming specific but definitely VR-ready.

The P52 is packed with a few Thunderbolt ports, one of which supports an 8K display output, if you happen to have the latest in screen tech. If you’re using this machine for VR and video editing, you probably do. Most people, however, won’t have much use for this level of computer hardware.

Aside from those folks who purchase enthusiast-class gaming hardware, South African users are still getting to grips with mobile computers with 16GB to 32GB of RAM or more. 64GB configurations are not unknown, but now you’re going to have to look to 128GB machines if you really want to be on the computing cutting edge.

Lenovo hasn’t announced pricing yet, and we’re not even certain that it’ll be launching in South Africa but the P52 is a harbinger of things to come. It’ll be launching later this month, but expect to see other manufacturers also offering 128GB notebooks soon.


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