Facebook launches gaming hub, could cause a Twitch-fight


Many game streamers already use Facebook Live to stream their favourite pastime out to the digital world. Now Facebook has launched a dedicated hub for streamers, called Gaming Video, that sorts streams by the game titles you already follow.

Game streaming has gained traction as more and more people have begun spectating online. This has given players the online platform to become more than just gamers, but community leaders.

Good ol’ Facebook newly-launched Gaming Video compiles game streams in a central location where spectators can search for certain games, or follow their favourite games. Front and centre in the hub are popular titles such as Fortnite, PUBG and FIFA 18, as well as a selection of recommended streams. That’s if you don’t like any games yet, though.If you’re already following a specific streamer, they’ll appear on the sidebar in Gaming Video, and you can also view streams that your friends on Facebook have recently watched.

Then there’s a Level Up Program, trialled earlier this year, which is Facebook’s own monetisation scheme. Now dubbed Facebook Stars, the program aims to lure gaming creators with incentives like in-game tipping – viewers can purchase virtual goods that can be sent to streamers during streams. Have they taken some pro-tips from Voov?

Facebook has some criteria for the program, which requires a streamer to have a minimum of 100 followers and four hours of streaming in the last 14 days. Gotta get busy if you wanna participate.

We don’t yet know if this will affect Twitch or YouTube, but Facebook Gaming Video has already signed up prominent streamers like MelonieMac, Darkness429, MissesMae and StoneMountain64.

Teens aren’t that impressed with Facebook as of late, and this might be the service’s attempt at pulling them back in. We reckon Fortnite will bring in the largest number of streamers and spectators. Fortnite has already racked up 238.1k views on Facebook alone.


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