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You know how it goes. The game’s on, things are getting tense and the mates are all getting hyped. The ball is kicked into touch, the whistle goes and a commercial starts. Now you have a choice to make. Send someone to the kitchen for a round of refills and maybe some chow or leave it till the next one and chance a) running out before the next break comes on or b) sending some unfortunate off on a mid-game run – a move that always ends up with someone missing the best try/wicket/goal of the game. It never fails.

But what if there was another way, that didn’t involve having to draw straws for the kitchen dash and having to wait for the post-game highlights to see what all your mates were cheering (or groaning, depending on how your team’s doing) about? Enter the Castle Lager Game Day Table, a highly limited bit of promotional gear that Castle Lager has created to mark the launch of their new one-litre bottles of Castle Lager. You know, for ‘sharing’.

What looks like an unassuming yet stylish wood-and-glass coffee table proves to be a handle little contender for Best Piece Of Furniture To Watch The Game With (besides the best seat on the couch, obvs.). The Castle Lager Game Day Table conceals two handy chambers, large enough to hold 12 one-litre bottles of Castle (each) and with enough space to hold snacks and other incidental items on top. We’re not considering putting the drinks down – if you do that, you’re doing it wrong. The tops of the two side chambers simply slide back on tracks so sturdy that you don’t even need to move your drinks (should you decide that you don’t want your hands warming them – there are reasons for letting go). The upshot?

The Castle Lager Game Day Table in action at the 2017 Stuff Magazine Gadget Awards.

No more trips to the fridge that feel so long that you expect hobbits to turn up. No more missing the crucial moment when your team finally pulls finger and gets into the high gear you’ve been expecting. No more having to take your eyes off the screen for more than a moment in order to snag a refill for you and your friends. The next round’s ready, waiting, and most importantly, it’s cold.

By now you should have some idea of where we’re going with this, especially considering the headline. Stuff Magazine and Castle Lager have got one (and only one) Castle Lager Game Day Table to give away to one lucky, lucky winner. And all you need to do, as usual, is pay close attention to the words on this page and then enter your details in the form below.

So make sure that you have enough brews for all the brus, and lady brus. Get your entry in for this Castle Lager-sponsored giveaway today. You should all know the drill by now, just check out our usual disclaimer so you’re clear on the Ts&Cs and then head a little further down so you can get your entry in.


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